The Spirituality of Wine – Video Book Review

This is my review of “The Spirituality of Wine,” by Gisela H. Kreglinger. Kreglinger is a theologian and writer. She grew up at her family’s vineyard in the Franconia region of Northern Germany.

The Spirituality of Wine, is an in-depth look at the ways in which wine has been viewed historically, particularly in the Christian community.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would very much recommend it to anybody interested in viewing the ways in which the church has historically viewed both the drinking of wine, and the way wine has been used as a metaphor in Biblical writings.
The Cover photo from The Spirituality of Wine
The Spirituality of Wine cover photo
There is a lot more in the book than just that. The Spirituality of Wine delves into the crafting of wines, and how various types of technology are used in that crafting. This runs from individual vintners grafting vines by hand, to industrial wine makers creating new yeasts to produce a consistent wine.
Kreglinger takes the time to speak to various vintners, and their relationships to the wines they produce. Writing as someone with a deep-seated history and practice in the world of wine making, she offers a great deal of insight into both the benefits and detriments that technology brings.
Most of all, while being aware of the dangers in drinking too much wine, Kreglinger celebrates wine as one of God’s gracious gifts.


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