Common Eating – Gathering up the Crumbs

Common Eating – Gathering up the Crumbs

By Donald McKenzie

September 6, 2011

I’ve come to the final post in this series on common eating. I may do one more with a pdf of all the posts so you can have them all in one place.  Again, as has happened at other times during this series I’m not sure that I have come up with the correct name for this last class.  My original idea was to call it leftovers, but that sounded a little to cheesy, even for me. So, I went with the idea of gathering up the crumbs.

Gathering up the crumbs also, links well to the feeding of the five thousand.

The gathering up the crumbs may involve slices of pie.
When it comes to gathering up the crumbs Big crumbs in the form of pie slices are really enjoyable


The idea of calling it leftovers was that it would be a class designed to tie up any loose ends that had arisen during the course of the class.  Along the way, I decided that I wanted the course to finish with a feast.  This last class then, will allow for a longer period of time for the meal.  It will be catered, one way or another, and will involve multiple courses.  One thing about the dinner is that it will be instructed dinner, so that participants will learn the  proper forks, etc. to use in formal dining situations.

Gathering up the Crumbs of our Learning

There is much focus on the fact that Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners, but we sometimes he also accepted invitations to dine with members of the ruling parties and classes.  His offenses were  not necessarily matters of simple social gaucheness, and as ministers we shouldn’t confuse a lack of good manners as a demonstration of our integrity and character.  Plus, since weddings are often multi-course meals, it might serve as a benefit there.

After the meal, the rest of the class would simply be an opportunity for the students to discuss what they had learned from the course.  Are there any things unexpected that came up during the course of the thirteen weeks?  How have they been able to put into practice the lessons they’ve been learning over the course of 12 weeks.  Course evaluations would be done at this time as well.

There it is, thirteen weeks of Common Eating.  Now I need to collate all this these thoughts and attempt to flesh out the skeleton.


p class=”MsoNormal”>These and other questions will form the basis of this class.   Again, I welcome any comments.  You can comment in the comment section below or send me a tweet @diningwitdonald


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