August Quarterly Report

August Quarterly Report is my fourth Fringe show, and the third I am reviewing. I will get around to Jem Rolls’s show in due time. (I didn’t)

When I choose Frinige shows, my first criteria is: Do I know one of the performers. I like to support people I know. August Quarterly Report features Cory Wojcik as one of it’s two main cast members. I’ve seen Cory in several shows, and he occasionally drops in to perform at the open mic where I regularly perform.

Ticket board for August Quarterly Report
I only managed to get a photo of the ticket board for August Quarterly Report

August Quarterly Report revolves around a quarterly report and annual meeting of the Yogurt Yum company. Cory plays Terry, the CEO of the company, while Leah Borchert, the other cast member plays Linda, Terry’s executive assistant.

The show is held in the boardroom of Artspace. This adds a nice little touch of authenticity to the meeting.

Bit of a spoiler alert, as an audience member you will be given the opportunity to be a board member or a sharehold. As a board member, you will become a participant in this board meeting. You will also receive Cinnabon, baked by Nigel Batchelor of Great Canadian Bake Show fame.

August Quarterly Report Board Meeting

I’m generally not a fan of interactive activities. I think it goes back to having to sing dreadful action choruses in Sunday School. However, knowing and trusting Cory, and with the lure of Cinnabon, I took a seat at the table. Once seated I was assigned the role of member at large.

Another reason I took a seat at the table, is that I regularly participate in board meetings of a variety of sorts. Therefore, I am in a familiar setting. Well is said and done, I’m glad I sat at the table.

As you see in the poster picture above, the show is described as unclassifiable. That is certainly true. It is an immersive experience. If you go, you will be immersed into it. Likely in ways you are not expecting. I’m not going into much detail, because I don’t want to spoil things, and because I’m sure your August Quarterly Board will be different than mine.

Any really good Fringe show will leave you walking away, thinking of how it relates to your life. August Quarterly Report does this really well. This is helped along by the way that both Wojcik and Borchert give strong, complementary performances.

The venue is small, so attendance is limited. If you wish to acquire advance tickets, this is a good show to do it for. However, you acquire your tickets, definitely try and see this show.


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