Dungeons and Shakespeare Fringe 6

This is my second fringe show of the evening. I’m attending Dungeons and Shakespeare. The show is by Shelby Bond. I’ve attended two or three of Shelby shows in the past. I know it will be entertaining.

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The poster for Dungeons and Shakespeare.
Dungeons and Shakespeare Poster

I’m not a fan of Dungeons & Dragons that say I don’t have anything against it but I’ve never really participated in playing the game. However, I think I know enough that I will be able to enjoy the show and get most of the ideas that are presented.

Dungeons and Shakespeare Chaotic Good

I wrote the opening paragraphs while waiting for Dungeons and Shakespeare to begin. Seeing the show, you don’t need to know anything about either Dungeons and Dragons, or Shakespeare to enjoy the show.

The show opens with Bond telling how both Dungeons and Dragons and Shakespeare game into his life at the right time. He grew up in a very conservative Texas town(he mentions it’s most famous citizen), at a time that was know as the Satanic Panic. Dungeons and Dragons was considered particularly demonic.

This wasn’t an issue for me. As I only played games like Monopoly and Stock Ticker. Games to inculcate such Godly habits as accumulation, greed, and envy.

That is the one serious moment in the show. There is also a period where Bond explains the mechanics of the show. This includes how Dungeons and Dragons operates. Next there is a Shakesperean character chosen.

After the the show rapidly falls into barely controlled chaos. This is a good thing. This is another audience participation show. Only people who actively volunteer to participate do so. As various people come on stage, they enter into the action. It is all silly and side-splitting funny. The best part of the show is the way in which each and every volunteer entered wholeheartedly into their part.

Dungeons and Shakespeare makes a great comedic palate cleanser as you go through your Fringe viewing. As someone taking in a lot of shows, this take off your thinking cap, sort of shows makes a welcome break. It is also a great stress reliever if you are looking for something to take your mind off work.