The Barn Identity – Fringe 5

The Barn Identity is my first show of this year that I chose because of the poster and blurb. It turns out though, that I have met the performer.

Erika MacDonald, the star of the show was another board member-at-large during Thursday’s August Quarterly Report. I found out this was her show as I stood in line to purchase my ticket.

The Barn Identity poster.
Poster for the Barn Identity

The Barn Identity, Good Clickbait

Despite the playful title, The Barn Identity makes no references to Matt Damon. That’s a point in the show’s favour even before it begins. Instead of car chases, explosions, and shootouts, we take a long, leisurely drive, stopping along the way to look at barns.

Ms. MacDonald is our driver on this journey. She is a welcoming travel companion, with an infectious personality that draws you into the world of barns. Not just any barns, but “falling down barns.”

What’s so interesting about “falling down barns?” You need to buy a ticket and go to the show to find out. One thing to know, is that it’s about discovering unexpected beauty. I’ll give you another hint though, the stories of the barns will help draw you in to the wider story Ms. MacDonald is telling.

This story is her own. It is a story full of humour, of sadness, of loss, and rediscovery. It’s a story of holding onto the core of who you are. Most of all, it’s about realizing that stories, particularly our own stories, are made better when others become part of them. When they help us to stand, and assist us to make the journeys we need.


The Barn Identity does have an element of audience participation. As I mentioned in a previous review, I’m not a big fan of audience participation. However for this show, the participation helps the audience members to more fully immerse themselves in the show.

The show offers cathartic laughter, space for introspection, and leaves you feeling better for having attended the show. The Barn Identity is a show that you should make every possible effort to attend.

It is on the fourth floor of Creative Manitoba. There is an elevator that will, if necessary, add another element of uplift to the show. Unrelatd, but if you get a chance after seeing the show, find a day and take some time to look at “falling down barns.”


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