Every Good Show Ends With One

Every Good Show Ends With One is show number 4 of 5 from Sunday. Once again I was at the Royal Albert Arms. Unlike , when watching Dungeon and Shakespeare, and Eleanor’s Story, I chose a better seat.

Every Good Show Poster.

Every Good Show Ends With One, is a one-man storytelling show featuring Martin Dockery. Dockery is an hilarious storyteller. More than that, as you laugh at his story, you find yourself thinking about life in ways you haven’t thought before.

Every good show has a beginning. This “ALL-TRUE” story has it’s beginning at the Adelaide Fringe. It references one of Dockery’s previous shows, Wanderlust. I saw that show back in 2017 when he brought it here to the Fringe.

Every Good Show is Great

Dockery gives a little bit of set up for the story, and then fires away. It’s the verbal equivalent of typing in all-caps for an hour straight. He must breathe during the show, but I’m not certain I saw him doing so.

Dockery builds up a tale of fear, foibles, frustration, and failure. It’s a remarkable combination that leaves you laughing at and with him. He’s not even sure he’s a real storyteller. Life, both off and on the stage keeps on kicking him, especially when he’s down.

There are other characters in this story, notably some fringe performers that Dockery has been testing out his storytelling chops on. They all story ell in one way or another. The sort of adds a little depth to the story that’s being told by Dockery

Suddenly a letter arrives for Dockery after a show, he finds himself in a new story, a story that may be life-changing. One that will lead to happiness and love. This is a story he desperately wants to believe. This is a story that seems too good to be true.

How does this story end? I’m going to leave it here. I think I’m going to leave you and suggest you go to the show to hear the rest of this story.

The Stories we tell

Dockery show is a story about storytelling and this doesn’t just include the stories that people tell when they are on stage. But the stories that we tell when we are in groups with each other. when we are among our friends, among our peers, among our families.

Most of all, the stories that we tell are the stories that we tell ourselves. The stories we want to hear. Stories that help us define ourselves in the world around us

So? what does Every Good Show End With? Well, you will need to show up to The Royal Albert Arms to find that one out. Whatever you think, Dockery will do his best to change your mind.