2023 Manitoba Fall Suppers

I know this always seems a little early, but I’m welcoming the return of fall and hoping that 2023 sees a return for many Manitoba Fall Suppers. Even though I’m no longer writing Dining with Donald, I still love promoting fall suppers.

Please feel free to include, in the comment section, any Manitoba Fall Supper you discover. Also, if you can’t make a Manitoba Fall Supper, please feel free to add free to add your favourite community dinner dish to the comment section.

There are several things I really like about fall suppers. They bring communities together. On some level they serve as social levellers. They help create and sustain traditions. Plus, every once in awhile they are a good excuse to go out and stuff yourself to the gills.

You will notice that I have a generous definiton of what constitutes a fall supper. Although it must include a meal. Just offering snacks doesn’t make the cut.

Covid really took a bite out of fall suppers, and it’s time we bite back. As always, this list will be a mix of typical fall suppers, along with some higher end suppers that serve as fundraisers for many great community organizations around Manitoba. These tend to dominate the early iterations of this post, as they have the resources and need to plan quite far ahead of the event.

So if you have a fall supper you would like added, let lme know. You can use this site or message me through the Common Eating Facebook page.

Grand Marais & District Seniors – August 13, 2023

This event is called Eat and Greet. It’s a fundraiser for the group. The dinner is fried chicken. You can’t go wrong with that. Visit the Municipality of Alexander calendar, and click on the event for the full details.

BBq Pork and Chicken fundraiser – August 26

This is one that may seem off the beaten path, but as I say, I like to support good causes. This is held at the Pembina Thesherman’s Museum. It is in support of someone who was injured in an incident with a bull, and is needing multiple back surgeries. Price, etc. is in the link. There will be others on Sept 2nd, 9th

Sundown Gymkhana Perogy Supper- August 26 and 27

All the necessary information is on this poster.

Sundown Gymkhana poster
Sundown Gymkhana Perogy Supper Poster.

Winkler Seniors Centre Annual BBQ – Aug 31st

Winkler Senior Centre – 650 South Railway Avenue

NameCathleen Bergen
Phone(204) 325-8964
Winkler Fall Supper poster

Winnipeg Beach Royal Canadian Legion – September 9th

This is a meal that requires you to purchase tickets in advance. Check out the information on their website.

Pansy Fall Supper – September 10th, 2023

You can find all the infomration for this supper here.

Grosse Isle Fall Supper – September 10th and 24th

All information for both dates is in the link. Please note that their are specific reservation dates for each dinner.

Sustainable South Osborne Harvest Dinner – September 10th, 2023

This is a great opportunity to sample food by Ben Kramer, one of Winnipeg’s top chefs, and help people grow food in a manner that is more sustainable for our planet. Visit Ben’s website for ticket information.

Steep Rock Fall Supper – September 16th

Check out their Facebook page for ticket prices, and contact information.

Fort Whyte Alive Harvest Supper, September 16th

This is another higth end fundraiser type dinners. The food is provided by Loaf and Honey, a local company whose food I really love, and who aim to help bring more great cheeses to Manitoba.

L’escapade – Cercle Moliere, September 16th

This is definitely one of the high end dinners I mentioned. Tickets for this are $225 or $300 with wine pairings. Howevr, they also offer an after party where tickets are $25 for students and $30 regular. Check out all the other necessary information on their website. The culinary team behind this is the team from Deer + Almond.

Grandview Ice Plant Fundraiser, September 16th

It’s called Table for 200. This is a black and white fundraiser for the local ice plant.

Ice Plant Fundraiser poster

Woodridge Fall Supper September 16th, 2023

All the information for this dinner will be found on the attached poster. Please note that there are no sales at the door.

Poster for the Woodridge community blub Fall Supper.
Poster for the Woodridge Community Club Fall Supper.

S.S. Keenora Traditional Dinner – September 16th

This is another of those higher end dinners. However, if you like the maritime life, and maritime history, this may be the dinner for you. Tickets are $100. and there are three seatings. Plus it raises money for a worthy cause.

St.Michael’s Catholic Church, Gimli MB, September 17th

A wide variety of dishes on our the table for this fall supper.

fall supper 2023 News Bulletin August 29 20231024 1

Gardenton Fall Supper – September 17th, 2023

As of yet, there is not a lot of detail for this dinner. It will be located here, when it comes available.

Sacred Heart Parish, September 17th

This is a Pig Roast serving as a parish fundraiser. You can find all the information necessary by clicking on the bulletin link and scrolling.

Winkler Bible Camp Fall Supper – September 20th

They provide all the information for the dinner at this link.

clandeboye united church – September 22nd

This is a Fish Fry, and you can find the information on their Facebook Page.

BrokenHead River Fall Supper – September 23rd, 2023

This dinner also includes an evening of classic rock from the 60s and 70s. All the necessary information is available at this link.

Valley Mennonite Academy – September 23rd

This is a fundraiser for the school. Information can be found at the above link.

Elie Fall Supper – September 23rd

This is a drive-thru fall supper. The poster is below, and you can get more information at the folowing link.

Elie Community Club Fall Supper Poster

Lundar Dinner and Dance, September 23rd

This is another event to support community fundraising initiatives. You can find all the information at this link.

Poster for Lundar Sportsplex Dinner and Dance

Lower Fort Garry at St Andrews – September 23rd

You can find all the information including menu and ticket prices at Life a Little Sweeter.

Meadows fall supper – September 24th

Check out the poster for info. Reservations must be made.

Poster For Meadows Fall Supper

Moosehorn Fall Dinner – September 24th

A lunchtime fall dinner it starts at 11am. Follow the above link for the details.

Gimli New Horizons 55+ Activity Centre – September 24th

Check out the information on their Facebook page. They are also hosting Sisters of the Holy Rock, in the afternoon before the dinner(separate tickets). I highly recommend that you take in both events.

Winnipeg Boys and Girls Club-100 Mile Dinner, September 24, 2023

This is a dinner that features local produce at its core. It’s a great chance for you to support a good organization, and experience the bounty of Manitoba’s food supply. The dinner will be held at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Poster for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg 2023 100 Mile Dinner.
100 Mile Dinner Poster

Here is the Ticket Link.


This Supper comes with Turkey and all the fixings. You can find out all the details by following this link.

 La Salle Fall Supper Poster

Norwood St. Boniface Legion, September 24, 2023

This supper is already sold out.

This is just down the street from the former St. Philip’s where I served as priest a few years ago. I was also padre here, but that may have changed. The people who run this branch are great, and a fun lot to hang around with. Also, there is plenty of good food.

The Norwood St. Boniface Fall Supper Poster.
The Poster for the Norwood-St. Boniface Legion Fall Supper.

St Anne’s Ukrainian Catholic Church-September 24th

This is a great fall supper that I got the chance to visit a few years ago. The information for the dinner can be found on their website.

St Leon Fall Supper – September 24th.

Follow this link to find out all the information for this supper.

Dominion City Fall Supper – September 24th

Another one that at the moment I only have save the date info for.

Cowan Fall SUpper – September 24th

Check out the poster for more details. The print is a little unclear.

Poster for Cowan Community centre Fall Supper

Pembina Threshermens Museum – September 26th

This is a turkey supper. Follow the link above to get all of the relevant information.

Redeemer Lutheran CHurch, Brandon – September 29th

Mark this down as save the date.

Swan River fundraising fall supper – September 30th

The local Lions club is holding a fundraiser to help purchase a CT scanner. Ticket info by following the link.

Winnipegosis Harvest Supper and Dance – September 30th

Check out the poster for this one.

Poster for Winnipegosis Elks Hall Fall Supper and Dance

RM of Victoria Beach – September 30th

East Beaches Social Scene Annual Fall Supper. The poster below gives some of the details for the supper. There is more information at this link.

East Beaches Social Scene Annual Fall Supper Poster

Arden Fall Supper – October 1st

Check their Facebook page for details. Make an afternoon of it, and visit the Arden Landsdowne Museum which will be open between 2-4 pm on the day of the supper.

Starbuck Fowl Supper – October 1st

Another dinner where all the necessary information can be found at the link in the heading. They even include a map.

Erickson Curling Club Fall Supper – October 1st

There is a poster with the necessary details. This is a roast beef dinner.

Erickson Fall Supper Poster

Zion Mennonite Church – October 6th

Click on the link for more information.

Christian Faith Church – october 6th

Middlebro Fall Supper – October 7Th

Right now this is a save the date notice.

Poplarfield Perogie Dinner and Dance – October 7th

Visit the Facebook page linked above for all in the necessary info.

Shevchenko Ukrainian Centre – October 7th

This dinner is held out in Rosa, MB. Details are on the poster.

Fall Supper Poster for Shevchenko Ukrainian Centre.
Tickets for this dinner are cash only.

Trezub Catering Fall Supper – October 8th

This dinner is at Selo Hall in Dauphin Manitoba. Details are on the poster.

Trezub Catering Fall Supper Poster.

Ducks Unlimited, Lake Winnipegosis – October 13th

You can find all the necessary contact information at the above link.

Pioneer Village Museum – October 14th

This meal is out at the Pioneer Village Museum in Beausejour. This is another meal that features entertainment as well. It’s comedian Mike Green. Click this link to find out all the details about the meal and ticket prices.

Anola Fall Supper – OCtober 14th

Click this link to find out more information as it becomes available.

Sirko Hall Perogy Supper – October 14th, 2023

This dinner is in support of the Susydka Dance Club. All the relevant information is on the poster below. map.

Sirko Hall Perogy Supper Poster.

Mary Mother of the Church Fall Supper – october 15th

The poster below has the necessary information.

Mary, Mother of the Church, Fall Supper Poster.

Christ Church Anglican The Pas – October 15th

This is a drive-thru fall supper. Information available at the above link.

Ridgeville fall supper – October 15th

See the poster below for all the details.

The poster for the Ridgeville Fall Supper.
Ridgeville Fall Supper Poster

Oak Table Inc. Fundraising Supper – October 18th

This is a dinner in support of an organization that year round spends it time helping to feed people who have trouble finding food for themselves. Check out the link above for the information on tickets, location, etc.

Christ Church Russell – OCtober 19th

According to the above linked Facebook page, this is still a tentative date. You can check the page going forward for more details.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church – October 21st

This is my home parish. The one I entered the priesthood from. A special feature of this dinner is that it comes with a Caribbean twist. Ticket information can be found at the link.

Nifty nag Derby and Dinner – October 21st

Once again there is a meal out in the Beausejour area. This is a fundraiser in support of Daylily Gardens and features a horse race along with the meal. You can find out all the finer details at the Daylily Gardens website.

Riverview Community Club – October 21st

This is one of those save the date events. If you want to keep abreat of the details, follow this link.

Saint Clement Mapleton – October 21st

They are naming this a fowl supper. Details on the poster.

St. Clements Mapleton Anglican Church Fall Supper Poster

Roland Fall Supper – October 21st

Right now this is save the date. You can keep checking back on it at their community events calendar.

Ducks Unlimited Pembina Triangle – October 21st.

Dinner and auction. Click on the link for more information.

Plum Coulee Fall Supper – October 21st

The Mennonite menu and all the other information can be found at the above link. Hopefully a Mennonite menu means copious amounts of Shmaunt Fat.

St. Francis Anglican Church – October 21st

I’ve visited this supper in the past, and it will be really good. Check out the poste for more details.

St Francis Anglican Church Fall Supper Poster

Friedensfeld Community Centre – October 22, 2023

This is another save the date one. You can keep up with changes on the Friedensfeld event page.

Minnedosa United Church – October 22nd, 2023

This one is save the date at the moment. I will update as more information becomes available.

Westbourne Fall Supper – October 22nd

Times and ticket prices are on the poster. Menu can be found at the above lin

Neufeld’s Garage – October 28th

Follow the link for all the necessary information, and don’t forget your dancing shoes.

Little Britain United Church – October 28th

This is a lasagne dinner and auction fundraiser for one of Manitoba’s historic churches. Follow the link above to find out more details as the date approaches.

33rd annual tourond creek banquet – October 28th

I never know there were so many dinners supporting Ducks Unlimited. Wetlands are so important. These are good dinners to support.

Elm Creek Fall Supper – October 28th

As with so many other dinners, follow the link for full information, and gaze at the poster for other bits.

Elm Creek Fall Supper Poster

Emerson Complex Fall Supper – October 29th, 2023

Right now this is a save the date supper.

Emerson Complex Fall Supper Poster

Broad Valley Fall Supper – November 4th

This one is save the date for the moment.

Fork river fall supper and Dance – november 4th

Information can be found by following the above link.

Shoal Lake and Area 40th Annual Banquet – November 4th, 2023

We are heading into the latter part of the fall, but you can find out more information about this Ducks Unlimited Supper at the link above.

Holy eucharist ukrainian catholic church – November 5th, 2023

This is a drive-through fall supper. Click the link above for details

Riding Mountain Fall Supper – November 5th

Click the link above for details.

mcgregor united church – November 11th, 2023

All the details are at this link.

Arborg & District Multicultural Heritage Village – November 20th

This dinner is part of a fundraising and membership drive. Contact pat_eyolfson@hotmail.com for more details.

Zirka Perogy Dinner Fundraiser – November 25th

This is another dinner designed to raise funds for a Ukrainian dance troupe. Link is above.