Holy Trinity Fall Supper 2023

Last Saturday I went to the Fall Supper at Holy Trinity Anglican Church. For all the suppers I catalogued, this is the first one I attended. Holy Trinity Anglican is my home parish. This is where I entered the Anglican Church from. I’ve also served there on and off during my 14 years as a priest.

A decorated table for the Holy Trinity Fall Supper.
One of the tables set for the Holy Trinity Fall Supper

There is a strong Caribbean influence at Holy Trinity. Parishioners come from several of the islands.

A plate containing all various foods of the supper.
My plate from the supper

The menu for the supper is traditional: There is Caesar Salad, Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Mixed Vegetables, and Gravy. Then there is the Caribbean Twist. Rice and Peas, along with Curried Chickpeas. Additionally, there is coffee, tea, and a punch featuring Pomegranate and Mango juices. After the main course, there are a traditional selection of desserts: Apple, Blueberry, or Pumpkin Pie. With or without ice cream.

As a result, as you can see by my plate, there is plenty of food for everyone.

Bowl of orange coloured punch.
This punch is fantastic I drank four or five glasses

Of course all that food doesn’t simply appear from thin air. There is a dedicated group of people who prepare the meal. They are lead by Janice Headley. If you ever attend the Caribbean Pavilion at Folklorama here in Winnipeg you will likely try some of Janice’s cooking.

They aren’t part of the fall supper, but she makes amazing Jamaican Patties. You can hear her talking about living with diabetes, and the role food plays in that, here.

Holy trinity Fall Supper and Friends

One of the best things about any fall supper is getting to talk to the people around you. At my table I sat with a family who I’ve known for several years. First through St. Margaret’s, then at St. Philip’s and now at Holy Trinity.

I also sat with the our Diocesan Archivist and her partner. He works in software development. We had interesting conversations around food, and also around working from home.

I’ve been working at St. Bartholomew’s for several months now, which means I don’t get to connect all that often with the people from Holy Trinity. There are many people there who I haven’t spoken to in several months. Saturday was a great opportunity to meet with and talk to them again.


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