Bremner Sings: Final Fringe Review

Bremner sings: Everything in New Orleans Is a Good Idea is my final for this year’s Winnipeg Fringe Festival. I never did get around to reviewing Jem Rolls show, but if you the chance go see it. It’s very enjoyabe and you’ll have lot’s of laughs.

I’ve taken in 20 shows, reviewed 19, seen a few mainstage acts, all while working half-time. With three days left in the Fringe, I’ve just reached the point where I am tired out. I still might hit a show or two, but this is the last one I will review. I’ll also be in the area checking out the Alleyways Market. If you visit the market check out Fiona Thiessen’s pottery.

I thought this could be a good show. That thought was confirmed before the show when I ran into Kayla Jeanson, who assured me it was. Kayla is doing videography for the show.

Various stage elements of the Bremner Sings show.
The Stage setup for Bremner Sings

Bremner Sings: A Love Letter to New Orleans

I have a friend, Ryan Turnbull. Ryan is a theologian who writes a lot around theology of place. Theology of place, among other things, argues that who we are is formed as much by where we reside as by any other factor. That is a gross oversimplification, but it catches the essence.

So, while Bremner Duthie is not professing any religious belief, he is attesting to the power of place, and how living in New Orleans has shaped him. The subtitle of Everything in New Orleans is a Good Idea, speaks to the power of opening yourself up to your surroundings.

From meteorological hurricanes, to the beverage hurricanes. From second line bands, to Mardi Gras, to Drag bartenders, he invites you on a journey through a city committed to experiencing everything life has to offer.

The show is built on the myths of New Orleans. Bremner plays with public perception along with historical fact. There’s also a little of a Canadian connection to the city.

New Orleans changes people, for good, and sometimes for ill, but always in an interesting fashion. Bremner catches this well, leading up to a somewhat surprising conclusion.

Top Notch singing

One of the most important things to me when I attend a show with singing is the quality of the singing. Bremner has a rich, warm, and colourful baritone voice. The songs carry well, even at the back. He plays guitar and ukelele well, and using the tambourine to add rythym to his dialogue helps carry the show along.

There are two shows left. Go let the magic of New Orleans, and Bremner, take you away for an hour long tour in the Big Easy. It’s a lot cheaper than plane fare to the city.

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